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the island of Corfu

433.jpgWe made it to Pisa and stayed with our host Sergio and his three flat mates. The place was awesome. They were getting ready for finals that week, which was very gererous they let us stay They have lectures up until may and then they have two months to prepare for the oral finals. The first night they took us to a friend of there's birthday party. Which consisted of around 40 people drinking infront of a church building outside with a big think of sangria and everyone just playing the guitar and drums and dancing. Then the cops show up, to my surprise no one fled like in the US. They were documeting people, but not issuing tickets. Then when the cops left everyone cheered. I have never seen anything like it, the cops didnt turn around and taser everyone like they would in the states. It was quite a sight to see.415.jpg We some really good pizza for only a euro that night. Pisa had little to do besides take the pics of the leaning tower which we finished the first day we were there. But it was nice to be staying with a good groop of folks, I made them the infamous tortilla espanola and we left to go to toscana for two days, with a pit stop in florence for the day. Toscana was like the first place I was at, it was very relaxing and peaceful. It was a hostel but really was set up like a hotel, with four beds and a kitcheen. The pool was amazing and had the best view, they had a weird rule of weiring a swim cap though. We met some peeps from Canada, Kansas, and Colorado and hung out with them on the terrace both nights. We were then preparing our journey to Greece. Excited to switch up from something besides pizza and pasta, i was looking forward to humus and baklava..
we took a night train from florence to bari which could have been worse. It was 6 chairs that layed down and only four were taken. Thats when i met a Tano, train buddy. We talked a bit then it was bloody late so we shared my ipod and then cuddled, so cute and random. He is from Bari so when we got there he told us what beach to go to and then met us there later.
We arrived in Greece at 8am and Mary, our couch surfing host picked us up. We stayed in the island of Corfu, which from her boyfriends percpective, Costus, who has lived her all his life, its beautiful but the people arent. There are about 150000 people living on the island. Its definetly weird to enter a world you understand nothing of the language but everyone speaks english and we were staying with a Greek couple so we got by. They took us around the whole time to all the great beaches and to a couple of their local fav. spots to eat. The defenitly were in shock I came to Greece being a vegetarian, they were like whats the point. They did have good food for me, but to my disappointment no humus!!! Its not in season. But the greek salad, fried zucchini, garlic potatoe dish...were pretty delicious. The last night we went with Mary to her boss' bachlerotte party. They used a rocker bar that was only for them and had a stipper come. He only danced for three songs, and only took of his shirt...lame. But the bride to be, Vicki, had a blast. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. We are leaving today to go try the best pizza in the world in naples and then have three friends meeting us on our journey on july 22nd!!532.jpg

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