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diploma in italian!!


Ok so i have just finished studying in Trapani for two weeks. Shelby and I took Ryan Air where you practically pay nothing for a flight. We payed prob. 40 going from Milan to Trapani and then about the same coming to Pisa. But they have a catch 22. 1) if non EU residents don't check in online and print their boarding pass. it will be a 40 euro charge to do it at the airport 2) you checkin luggage has to be no more than 15 kilos(which is close to 35 lbs) after that they charge by the kilo 3) you can have only one carry on item and it cant be more than 10 kilos and that doesnt mean a purse and a carry on and believe me they are strict about that. Lets put it this way Ryan Air is talking about initiating flights that will only cost 5 euro (thats with tax and everything inc.) but there will be no sits. thats right a stand up flight. hey i guess you get what you pay for. Okay enough about the airline, Trapani...It cause you are unaware Trapani is locate in Sicilia, the little island that is under the heel of Italy. Well I was two blocks from the beach which had clear water, and rocks to jumps off of. I shared an appt. with 3 girls and Shelby also for the 5days she was there. One girl from Kasakistan, Giania(not how she spells her name but how is prounced), the other from Russia, Irina. They were friends previous to arrival and shared one room. Then I shared a room with Dora from Andalucia, Sevilla, Spain. The appartment was in this very old building but looked all brand new and was amazing inside.
the school
The school was located inside a Rotary Club and was a very small class, there was beg. or intermediate. In my intermediate class there was my roomates plus John, from Ireland. And the following week a french girl and a girl from Barelona joined. The teacher was nice, She is from Trapani but lives in Paris the rest of the year. I feel like I learned a little more on the culture and expressions and we covered grammer as well. Sicilia is fomous for its Mafia but where I was there was no trace of any Mafia like orginization. It still exists but its like anyother orginization of crime which the US has lots of. Anyway Trapani was a small town that I felt very safe in.
The Excursions
I took four excursions. One to the island of Mazia. Which everything is still a work in progress. They are digging up ancient ruins from civilization that existed BC. It was crazy mom looking at the exhibits of the pottery they had and seeing pictures of what they had used for a kiln, which was just a massive hole in the ground where they would put the fire in there. The most impressive thing to me was the path they had built not a bridge but path which conncected to another island, which made it look like you could literally walk on water. Next excursion I took with fellow classmates was to Erice. "Located in a 750 feet above sea level, Erice preserves whole all the fascination of an ancient medieval village, with little piazzas, winding streets, gorgeous flowering courtyards and more than 60 small churches.The view from here can span over all of eastern Sicily, over Trapani, Marsala, and the Egadi Islands.
Erice was founded in the 7th century b.C. by the Elymians, who erected the temple dedicated to the worship of their fertility goddess". Then I visited Favigniana, another island where its beauty was breathtaking. We rented bikes and found a beach that had caves. Pretty legit! Dora and I also went to Palermo, which by far is the craziest of craziest for driving in italy. I would just not look when crossing the street, so the driver wouldnt see the fear in my eyes.
the nights out
We definetly got to know some locals, being that everyone ended up at the same bar everynight. Trapani doesnt have clubs or cinemas, just the beach. Which I often got asked by many locals, why Trapani. We meet some nice people. Two short lived romances, one with a Tusinian who live there, Wajdi. And the other who owened a bar with four of his friends, Enrico. This def. payed off when I went out with Dora cause they would just give me and Dora a whole bottle of wine or champagne each night. It was fun especially when shelby was there because we are such an mix of people that communicating was a sight to see, esp. since shelby speaks only eng. one of the french girls spoke very little english and no italian. and the rest of us tried to communicate in italian. It was especially fun communicating with Dora, which i got along well with, because we would try in italian but our conversations would be very slow and delayed. Dora is going back in november to Rome for a year to finish her degree, which we have planned on me comming back and living with her for 3 months in sept. of 2010.
The food
Pizza was delicious. Especially one place called Calvino, which had been open for over 50 years and I swear the whole town would go there each night. They had this older italian men working in the back making the pizza. the american in me does miss all the condiments you can put on pizza, ie parm. and red pepper. But the pizza is good enough you dont need it. Another dish is a potatoe and cheese dish which you could also get with tomatoes, onions, and anhcovies;and hot or not hot. Last and not least the desserts: brioche, cannoli, and granite. This are all what Sicilia is known for so of course I had to try them all. Brioche is gelato in bread. Cannoli is a hard shell stuffed with ricotta cream based filling . And granite is basically like a slushy. Yummy.
Next stop is Pisa , home of the leaning tower, where once again we will couchsurf for two days, then stay on the east coast ancona with another couch surf host, then off to a Greece island, Corfu, with a couch surf host as well!
ciao ciao

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