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Not off to a good start..

I Like to think of it as not bad karma, just bad luck.

the day before my trip I could tell I was coming down with something, too late to do n e thing about it now so I packed up my vitamins and left for the airport. I got to the Orlando airport at 930am on Tuesday June 9th. My flight went from Orlando to new york to helsinki, finaland, to rome. My Orlando flight was delayed 2 hrs, which was all the connecting time I had to get to my next flight, uh oh. When I got to New York I ran. Um if you hae never been to the JFK airport it is huge. I asked a worker there where to go to get my connecting flight and she assured me I would never make it, oh how assuring. She told me to take the taxi instead of the tram if I wanted a chance but I am to economical for that, I had to go through security again and that is when I hear my name being called, "Elena Neibaur (totally misprounanced) please report to gate number 4 for final boarding." Luckily it was only gate number four. I made it out of breathe, took my seat and that is when it hit me, 'I really don't feel so well" Luckily I had room to squirm around cause there was no one to my left and a young boy to my right. Unlucky for him though. I started getting a fever and was moaning until it passed. I probably tooted in my sleep because I had lots of sugar free cough drops, we all no what that does to people or just me I guess. I ate a decent meal that the airline offered then it came back up four hours later in a cup, couldn't make it to the bathroom. So when I get to Helsinki I have 8 hrs to kill, well time to rest cause I had no energy to do n e thing else. Once I was leaving the original gate to get to my next flight I had some issues with my passport. Apparently I gave him the wrong one, don't ask me why I have kept my old one and brought it but I did. But I gave it to him thinking I have given him the correct one so when he asked me if I had any other passports on me I said no, cause I thought that was a weird question. Well I ended up having to back track to cover my tracks and make sence of why I would carry around to passports. But I made it into Rome finally, but my luggage didn't. Which to me is a belssing in disguise I had no energy to carry that 40 lb bag around so they are sending it to the farm I am staying at which will arrive in a week, good thing I brought a toothbrush in my purse.The original plan was to sleep in the airport and take the 2 trains in the morning I had to catch, but thought it would be best to have a bed that night feeling the way I did. So I took one train to get to the main rome station so it would be easier in the morning to catch the next train. It was about 930pm this time and on the mission to find a hotel. PS don't ever let your crazy aunt and cousin make you watch "Taken" the week before you go to Europe. It will make you a bit paranoid and mistrusting of genuine people. Basically I went to two nice 5 stars hotels, a little out of my price range, about 150 each, so the gentelmen recomended my to go to this hotel close by, which is not the one I think I ended up going to. He was full so recomended a lady and called her up and she was on her way to get me, thats when paranoia kicked in. I thought it was weird she was coming to get me but obviously had some notion things would be ok or I wouldn0t have gone along. I was very short with her questions and thought there might possibly be men in a room waiting to kidnap me when we got there. But it end up being a cute little room, like a bed and breakfast connected to a kitcheen and one other room, which an older gentlemen lived. Assunto, the lady, set up breakfast for me and then left, she left me her number in case I had troubles but I was still got very little sleep jumping at every sound that sounded like a door being unlocked. Apparently the kidnapping dont happen to americans they happen to eastern eurpeans that are told they are going to nanny and then get drugged and put into prostitution. Well I made it through the night alive and off to Tuscany...

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Wow....sounds like a blast! Can't wait to hear more! j/k. Hope you feel better. There is an interesting correlation between proper hand washing and not getting sick. Might be something you should experiment(hehe). m----Evey typed this for you.
Anywho. It must get better. Hear from you later.

by Marisa ENS

Awe boo! I love you and glad you watched TAKEN so it made you a little more cautious, not paranoid!! Love you glad youre there safe!

by ELiechty

ELENA!! We miss you here at S-bux...especially me, its weird without u in the morn...but i am glad to see you are such a strong girl, cuz thats some crazy stuff you went thru!! I totally started watching that movie "taken" and i had to stop cuz i knew too many people traveling this summer and it freaked me out...U were one of them!!! i dunno how you were able to finish it cuz my roomate filled me in on the whole movie and ya i would be freaked out if i were you too!!! Well good luck out there, I am sure it will get so much better. STAY tough!!!!

by mames2100

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