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the good times are killing me

So this is the part of the trip where we go from one city to the next with very little time to spare. We ended up take flights to all these places cause in the long run it saved us time and money. We flew from Venice to Prague, where we left the euro and went to the crowns. Which took us awhile to figure out the conversion rate. Prague I was very impressed with, the architecture was amazing. All the buildings were tall and had different styles from cubism to baroque to gothic but they all blended together beautifully.5768_57721..32160_n.jpg I always felt like it was a fairy tell setting, it was unreal looking. The people weren´t as friendly then what i have experienced in italy. They offer free tours across europe which is a three hour tour that takes you around the city and then you tip if you feel it is worth your time at the end. We did that and it was amazing to hear and learn about the history of Prague. The concert hall where Mozart last performed one of his operas is here, this is a picture of one of the characters from the opera.5768_57721..58569_n.jpg We saw the famous astrological clock which our tour guide told us wasnt that impressive. It goes off every hour on the hour and every one crowds around to watch it but i think everyone leaves dissapointed because it really isnt that impressive. We went to the beer gardens were there were amazing views of the city. Saw the John Lennon wall and each made our own contribution to it. 5768_57721..91754_n.jpg
my contibution "A life lived in fear is a life half lived"..5768_57721..66141_n.jpg
And of course did a pub crawl. We also tried absinthe for the first time which was horrible. Unless you like licorice you should stay away. Only three of the five survived without projectile vommiting, but it was a cool set up how they lit it all on fire and melted the sugar but never again.5768_57721..04117_n.jpg

Amsterdam...dont remember. Ironically that is the place we have the fewest pictures of. You walk into the hostel and immediately get a contact high from the weed. There is a smoking room in the hostel and the hostel was centrally located. We did a walking tour here as well too but wasnt too impressed with the history. The only cool things I learned was that people throw alot of bikes in the river if they are damaged or some times for fun they will see a bike that is not locked up and throw it in the water. The coffe shops were coffee shops where you could purchase marijuana. Marijuana is actually illiegal in Amsterdam that is why the coffee shops are called coffee shops. The Dutch are alot about bringing in income so they look away and just will saw why whatever do you mean those are not marijuana places they are coffee shops see it says coffee shop on the outside. We went to the red light district which is supposed to close in 2015 and my friends went to see a live sex show which i opted out of. Very weird experience and not sure how I feel about the red light destrict. We actually arrived when they were having a gay parade which was cool cause I always wanted to go to one in Long Beach but was never able to. We also went to the Ann Frank house was a sobering moment and sad to know that one month after she died in the camp they were liberated. I like Amsterdam for the diversity and open minded people that live there. Although they have a weird sence of humor they were very nice and helpful, some of the nicest people we have meet yet.

After that blur of a moment in Amsterdam we head of to Berlin. Berlin I liked alot, its strange becuase all of the buildings are very modern because 90% of Berlin was destroyed in the war. We did another walking tour here which we went to an abstract memorial to remeber those of the holocoast. 6768_57795..48880_n.jpgIt was a lot of stone of various sizes and as you walk through it gets colder and darker and you can loose your place in it. It is left to your own interpretation. We stood over the bunker of Hitler were he spent his last month which was eeire and saw the Berlin wall that was destroyed only because of a mistake in the minutes that the leader of east berlin made announcing that it is to be torn down. He did not prepare for the press confrence and end up saying that the Berlin wall was to be torn down cause he misread his minutes, sounds like something Bush would have done. Berlin was nice and one of the cheapest cities we have been to. The people were friendly as well. They kept to themselves but if you needed help they were more than happy to assist. They also had very cool artwork and graffitti in Berlin. This is our tour guide Tom from Scotland with one of a the artworks.6768_57805..83972_n.jpg

Lisbon was beautiful and I wished I had spent more time there. It seemed that our hostel was in the ghetto by the looks of it from the outside, but at night everything changes and it becomes this cool town where shops, restaurants, and bars are open until late. The first night we went on a pub crawl, you know to get acquainted with the town and all:) It ended up being just me and my friends haha no other people went on the pub crawl which is very different from Praha where there were about 50 of us. But we def. got special treament from our guides. One was Miguel who was very attractive and sweet. Its weird hearing foreigners when they speak english and have a british accent I defenetly expected a portuguese accent but oh well. We actually didn't venture very far in Lisbon. It was cool that two guys we meet previously in Prague were able to meet up with us here, so we hung out with them. One is from Canada and the other from San Diego. The guy from Canada can speak french, english, and hindi which is pretty impressive. us.jpgWish I could have explored more. The beach we went to was nice but the water was the coldest I have ever felt.me.jpg la.jpg Even colder than Cali's water in the winter, it was crazy. Well we are off to Madrid...

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